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DECEMBER 1st - 7PM on zoom
Future of Peak & SAC meeting 

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Peak Families,
It's only the second day of remote learning and we appreciate all of your support for kids at home to make this possible. Here are some very important clarifications:
1) Please make sure students are awake, dressed, fed, and ready to learn each day by 8:30 for the start of school. We understand there are lots of people at home right now, however if there's any way to keep kids separate and focused on lessons, it will make a huge difference for their ability to learn and perform each day.
2) We will take attendance at 2pm each day and students will be marked full day, 1/2 day, or absent based on their attendance of required zoom calls.
3) Their grades are based on the quality of their work completion each day. Teachers will clearly communicate what is "required" vs. "optional" and Friday's are asynchronous opportunities to complete all assigned required work and optional opportunities to continue learning.
4) We know this is a more challenging schedule than in the spring, however that is because of our focus on meeting more individual needs through small group instruction. We are working with our students every day on organizational strategies and support structures so they can be as independent as possible in the online learning process.

Please make sure to check out our website to read updated remote learning expectations, our technology support guidance, and our school wide schedule.**A/AAAAAQA*/RgRhmZtDP0QkaHR0cHM6Ly9wZWFrLmplZmZjb3B1YmxpY3NjaG9vbHMub3JnVwdzY2hvb2xtQgoARsNnuF_4S_xUUiNtZWxpc3NhLmJ1c3RhbWFudGVAamVmZmNvLmsxMi5jby51c1gEAAAAAQ**A__;fn5-fn4!!Bj3pJzH8i9PN1EsMi1am!gWyTK64frNx-SR1kNShwhvhRuh2UsIGV464_eQ4_N5r-RCSWr0jiWposqJqMHNG8YvYMMI3vSHiiWzoW$

Each teacher will also communicate schedule information through SeeSaw. We will kick things off on Monday November 30th at 8:30 am with CREW at all grade levels. Our main ask is that kids have enough sleep, breakfast, and are dressed and prepped to learn by 8:30 each day in a focused at home learning environment and we will take it from there! We are working on support structures for all students to ensure they can complete work without tons of parent support.

Speaking of breakfast and meals, please make sure to check out the updated JeffCO information on meal pick up at the following website:**A/AAAAAQA*/RgRhmZtDP0RYaHR0cHM6Ly9qZWZmY29wdWJsaWNzY2hvb2xzLm9yZy9hYm91dC9jb21tdW5pY2F0aW9ucy9qZWZmY29fbmV3cy9mYWxsXzIwMjBfbWVhbHNfcHJvZ3JhbVcHc2Nob29sbUIKAEbDZ7hf-Ev8VFIjbWVsaXNzYS5idXN0YW1hbnRlQGplZmZjby5rMTIuY28udXNYBAAAAAE*__;fn5-fg!!Bj3pJzH8i9PN1EsMi1am!gWyTK64frNx-SR1kNShwhvhRuh2UsIGV464_eQ4_N5r-RCSWr0jiWposqJqMHNG8YvYMMI3vSFcHOsLB$

Also on our website, we also have opportunities for new parents to join us for a zoom Peak Prospective Parent Night, so spread the world. We have a very important school wide meeting on December 1st. We have some interesting options in the path ahead for Peak that could include PreK-8 grade levels and changing our school designation to "option" or "innovation". Anyone in our school community is welcomed to join us for this School Accountability Meeting, and I will explain the big picture choices we have moving forward in an effort to sustain our unique and purposefully different school.

In our last day, I've never seen the bike rack so full and so many kids experience an adventure right out our door at Peak! If you did not already see it, JeffCO created a video to honor our creation of the first bike park on school grounds in the state of Colorado and the joy & excitement it brought everyone yesterday:**A/AAAAAQA*/RgRhmZtDP0QraHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vd2F0Y2g_dj1VclQyZFBqNDM3WVcHc2Nob29sbUIKAEbDZ7hf-Ev8VFIjbWVsaXNzYS5idXN0YW1hbnRlQGplZmZjby5rMTIuY28udXNYBAAAAAE*__;fn5-fg!!Bj3pJzH8i9PN1EsMi1am!gWyTK64frNx-SR1kNShwhvhRuh2UsIGV464_eQ4_N5r-RCSWr0jiWposqJqMHNG8YvYMMI3vSFkX1M_4$

We had an amazing fall of learning at Peak and appreciate your partnership every step of the way through the COVID year we will never forget. Everyone at Peak wishes you and your family the absolute best over break and hope you stay healthy and happy!

Make it a great day!

Mr. Tim Carlin
Principal of Fun
Peak Expeditionary School
at Pennington

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